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Mega Salad Mega Salad
ingredients: spinach, walnuts, sliced almonds, craisins, carrots, shredded cheddar, broccoli, apple [& lemon juice], green pepper, brown rice [& olive oil, salt, pepper, garlic, better than bullion: chicken], chick peas, kidney beans, garlic, snap peas, home grown tomatoes, olive oil, salt, cumin, curry, coriander, balsamic vinegar - Note that this isn't a bed of spinach with a smattering of other ingredients.. there's nearly as much of each other ingredient as there is spinach. I spend one evening chopping everything into bite-sized pieces, and then put it all in separate sandwich bags. Then putting a salad together is just a matter of throwing each ingredient into a bowl and mixing. Also note that a large soup spoon is a much more effective utensil for this kind of salad than a fork.

The idea is to make this your main meal for the day, most days per week. Add different kinds of meat: Curry Chicken, Mexican Spicy Chicken, Beef, Hard Boiled Eggs, etc - if you so desire. It's also a good idea to switch up the ingredients from week to week, so you don't get sick of them: change out spinach for other greens, chick peas and kidneys for other beans, quinoa instead of brown rice, other fruits, veggies, nuts, cheeses, and spices. Switching it up not only helps keep it new and exciting, but also lets you get the health benefits of many other foods.

I even had some of this salad this morning for breakfast, and the rest will make at least two more meals for me today. (Remember, I eat several times per day.) But since it's mostly veggies, which are very low calorie, I don't have to feel "guilty" about eating all day. Every time I'm hungry I can break out the bowl and eat until I'm stuffed.

I also had a wee bit of toast this morning (with peanut butter and pepper jelly); the extra starchy carbs in the morning help to provide energy throughout the day. Ideally I shouldn't have any more starchy carbs today other than the rice in the salad, but I was given a lot of nice gluten free snack food for Christmas and my birthday, so I've been munching on that here and there too. The important thing is that I'm still eating under 2000 calories per day (probably.. I'm not counting but based on my estimates I have to be under 2000), plus I'm exercising off between 400 and 500 calories per weekday. So I'm definitely not "over eating", even with the snack food. My biggest concern is *when* I am eating the snack food, because the closer it is to bed time, the more likely those starches are going to turn into fat, since I won't be burning them off before bed.

But I'm not "on a diet". I'm just "eating well". And eating well doesn't mean you can't ever have snack food... you just have to be smart about it. Keep in mind roughly how many calories you're eating in the day, and try to give your body a chance to burn off the starchy carbs before bed.

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Ammonia in your burgers..

Not to mention all of the other chemicals, such as inedible compounds used in the wrappers ending up in your blood stream, here’s another fun fact! In case you needed more reasons to avoid fast food.


Window cleaning chemical injected into fast food hamburger meat

Tuesday, January 05, 2010    

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger 

Editor of NaturalNews.com

(NaturalNews) If you're in the beef business, what do you do with all the extra cow parts and trimmings that have traditionally been sold off for use in pet food? You scrape them together into a pink mass, inject them with a chemical to kill the e.coli, and sell them to fast food restaurants to make into hamburgers.
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@Captain Bishie update

Exercise: Only once this week. Practicing my footwork whenever I walk a decent distance across the same floor of the house is a good idea but remembering is going to take some work.

Diet: I'm eating a little better but still not not so much that I make myself (thus skipping all the preservatives, etc.) and still not as much protein as I'd like. Only one carbonated drink, though, so I did well on that.

Skin Care: Only one glassthree glasses (did not check right line of my goal tracker, it seems!) of water this week and I slacked off on moisturizing so the leathery skin of doom is spreading again. I slathered myself really good last night and this morning.

@Captain Bishie update

Exercise: Winter break has started for dance class and I'm taking it as an opportunity to challenge myself on that exercise goal. Today I started practicing my footwork while walking to other parts of the same floor of the house, and am planning to keep doing that (stairs are kind of out) whenever I remember. This is bellydance so it's not really a challenge to move through the house this way; if any neighbors happen to see in the window, they'll think I've joined the Ministry of Silly Walks.

Diet: Honestly, still not so good. I'm getting some more protein but not-very-proteinated pizza is still a major part of the diet. 4 carbonated drinks this week, so that's on the decrease but I want to do better than that.

Sleep: This week kicked my butt again, and I have yet more medication changes to try to help. I think the major barriers are a job for the prescription side of things, so I'm going to drop this out of my goal categories for the time being. If mindset and/or willpower play a more obvious role in the future, I can always add it back in.

Skin Care: 2 servings of water in the past week and getting more determined to increase that as I see my skin breaking out again. Regular moisturizing still isn't making the eyelids and under-eye skin stop being dry and flaky; I'm tempted to put the moisturizer jar in a plastic baggie to prevent messy explosions and just carry it in my purse.

@Captain Bishie update

Exercise: None. >.>

Carbonation: 7 carbonated drinks over the past week. Unhealthy crutch is unhealthy. On Saturday I even picked a carbonated drink without thinking about it, then realized what I was doing right after I took the cap off. That was a kick in the pants.

Diet: Still not good. Way too much carb, not enough protein.

Sleep: Improving greatly - weekends excluded, heh - but this is probably more due to new medication kicking in than to any effort on my part. I actually feel tired when I'm supposed to. This is nice.

Skin Care: Moisturizing regularly but still dry on my eyelids and just below the eyes. Didn't drink any water at all over the past week; this may be part of the problem.

I noticed a definite improvement in mood over the course of the week and got a lot of stuff done today after having vegetated for at least a week and a half, so I'm hoping that was the bottoming-out and things will get better from this point on. My resistance to caffeine is still holding, even when I'm desperate for something fizzy and haven't brought any of my own pop to work, so I'm optimistic that once the other changes become habit I'll be more resistant to lapses if/when I have more happy fun depression time.

@Captain Bishie update

Exercise: None. Didn't even wake up in time for dance class yesterday - and it's at 12:30pm. T.T

Caffeine/Carbonation: Wasn't sure if a certain soft drink had carbonation, on Saturday. Judging by my body's reaction, it did, and my body didn't like that. So I'm within my "one a month" rule and even less tempted to try it again in another month. Carbonation's been a problem, though; I had 4 carbonated drinks within the past week. Time to work on cutting that down again.

Diet: Not so good. I've been more depressed than usual and demotivated when it comes to cooking good food. So I eat what's easy and that usually means an unhealthy amount of carbs.

Sleep: Getting to bed earlier on some nights just because I feel so run down, but it's not helping me wake on time.

Skin Care: Moisturizing roughly once a day, sometimes twice; my eyelids are still dry but the rest of my skin is all right. I drank water once this week; that could use some work.

@Captain Bishie update

Exercise: Another total fail. NaNo eats my brain and I didn't even have a full work week in which to squeeze in the usual small, daily walks that I don't necessarily need to do. I went a couple places on Black Friday but that stuff would normally get done on the weekend, so I don't count it as making up for what I would do on a normal Friday.

Caffeine: This is day #28 without. At this point, by my original goal, I could allow myself one caffeinated drink. I think I'd prefer not to, though, and seek out non-caffeinated soft drinks if I want a treat.

Carbonation: This is the new baddie and will replace caffeine in future updates. I've been bad this week. I was on the decrease here but I'm on the third one of the week today. First was stress, second was to celebrate how well I've been writing even if I don't make 50k, third was getting into the habit again. T.T

I may be making it rougher on myself, but I am now keeping a stash of non-caffeinated, carbonated drinks. Even if I have to fight more in the short run, I want to have them on hand so that I at least don't go to the vending machine or a restaurant for something when I have a craving, and be bombarded with mostly caffeinated options. (I don't like Sprite/7 Up and the like, so it often seems all the good ones are caffeinated, especially if the root beer of choice is caffeinated. Sadface.)

Diet: Rolling sugar, calcium, and general healthy eating into one, here. Sugar has suffered with all the pop drinking but my meals have been good. Not as much of it cooked from near-scratch in the crockpot or the Foreman grill as I like - I have to be doing well to bother with those much, but when I do I seem to do even better subsequently. But I have a stack of frozen hamburgers that I thaw so there's always a relatively quick meal in the refrigerator and that helps get me through the lazy. So does canned chicken (but get in plain water, not salt water if you buy this!): I don't eat fish but adding this to pasta salad (along with delicious spinach) makes a quick protein fix.

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Skin Care: I only drank water on two days in the past week. However, even the little I'm doing is helping with hydration. (If nothing else, I can tell by the veins on the back of my hands. They tend not to stand up from the surface of the skin unless I've been working on hydration.) I'm still moisturizing at least once a day and found that just letting it sit on my fingertips for a moment helps warm it up to a comfortable point. Not up to twice a day yet.

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General Observation: It seems like cutting out chemicals and focusing on natural products (food or otherwise) helps across the board. I know this is true for everyone to some extent, but my body seems to especially hate synthetics, additives, etc. Keeping this in mind helps me to keep mostly-good.

Also, feeling the need to vent a bit... Ignoring the symptoms is not going to help lead you to the right treatment. I gave up on my skin for a good 10 years or so but the problem has almost gone away after a few months and won't ever get serious again if I can maintain my good habits. Likewise, I lived with depression for roughly two years or so, even after acknowledging symptoms it was producing (and that took years by itself), before a doctor gave me the first hint that I wasn't just a total wimp and possibly a hypochondriac too. And I was afraid that if I went for too many other opinions when all my tests came back normal, I would just get labeled as a hypochondriac and they'd listen to me even less.

I don't care for the propaganda surrounding Thanksgiving but all the talk of being thankful, the questions I haven't been able to dodge about what I'm thankful for, and end-of-NaNo gooeyness have got me really wanting to group-hug all the communities and people who've helped me keep going with my goals. I am cheering for all of you to make lasting changes that make you be healthier and feel better.

ETA: Too used to DreamWidth cut syntax. Had to fix my closing tags. And a cut-start tag. And it's still huge. *wail* But you guys still love me, right?

Calling Out!

It's the holiday season, so regular habits are bound to go out the window, but we still want to hear from you!

dirtyddogg, elvnsword, i_fart_bats, jcaliff, megotelek: I'm going to be frank, here- are you still interested in this community? Do you feel that it has been helpful to you at all? If you're keeping yourself on track without our help, that's wonderful! Keep it up! But if you're sticking to your old habits and just can't be bothered to post... Remember: your life style is your CHOICE. It is a decision that YOU make when you decide that you'd rather be lazy than take care of your body. You have to get to a point in you life where you decide being healthy is more important than being lazy.. but that's your choice to make, no one can make you healthy for you.

spacenut3737 - I'm guessing your update has been delayed by the holiday, we're looking forward to your post! (Also, I still need a screenie of Lux, unless you want a bust-shot only! ;] )

Finally, I want to thank hollso, tyches_echo, bigangry, and coldironkiss.. I was starting to get a little discouraged, I was worried that the community wasn't working, and people were just falling back into old habits and disappearing.. but you guys are really sticking with it and that gives me a lot of hope. I know we can do this, I know we can all become healthier people, and we don't have to do it alone. Thank you for sticking with it, even when you have little (or nothing) to report, holding yourself accountable is an important step along the path.